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A Blue Fire
James Hillman

1 "Images are the compelling source of morality and religion as well as the conscientiousness of art."

2 "The many contains the unity of the one without losing the possibilities of the many."

3 "We might call the unfathomable depth in the image, love, or at least say we cannot get to the soul of the image without love for the image."

4 "The animal is also an imago dei, a face of our eternal nature."

5 "From ancient Egyptian to modern Eskimo, 'soul' is a highly differentiated idea referring to a reality of great impact. The soul has been imaged as the inner man, and as the inner sister or spouse, the place or voice of God within, as a cosmic force in which all humans, even all things living, participate, as having been given by God and thus divine, as conscience, as a multiplicity and as a unity in diversity, as a harmony, as a fluid, as fire, as dynamic energy."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite