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Aurora Consurgens
Marie Louise vonFranz
Medieval Alchemical text attributed to Thomas Aquinas with commentary by vonFranz; companion volume to Jung's CW13

1 "The soul knows the First Being and itself in its essence by its own reflection upon itself." Avicenna, 'De anima'

2 "The art, or wisdom, or Word of almighty God is the form of all creatures. For it is at the same time both the exemplar and the efficient and formal cause preserving things in the form given them, until created things are directed and recalled to it." Robert deGrosseteste, 'De unica forma omnium'

3 "The movement of loving is circular, and love is the real unitive force."

4 “The Holy Spirit manifests liberty, for he is love.” Christopher Ulrich Hahn, ‘Geschichte der Ketzer im Mittelalter’

5 "This earth itself is the risen Christ and the divine mystery - indeed, it is God himself."

6 "Each individual becomes the vessel for an incarnation of God."

7 "Know, therefore,….that from that One the whole of creation proceeded." Pythagoras, 'Turba Philosophorum' (medieval Arabic text)

8 “The Holy Spirit warms all things with the fire of love.”

9 "In the self the one is also the many, and the many are all comprised in the one."

10 "The alchemists regarded the mystery of creation as divine."

11 "The temple of God is holy, and it is within you." Honorius of Autun, 'Speculum'

12 “The Holy Spirit is the bond of eternity and equality.”

13 "The individual human being is the maturing-ground and birthplace of a divine inner man."

14 "According to the medieval view the divine likeness reaches down even into the physical structure of natural things."

15 “According to St. Thomas Aquinas there is an intellectual light innate in man, which by ‘participated likeness’ is capable of knowing the first principles.”

16 “At the touch of Wisdom the human spirit flows and begins to follow its most natural desire, namely, for its own perfection and the knowledge of God.”

17 "All things have their life and being from the wisdom of God…for according to the wisdom of God, which is the life of all things, was made all that was made…and this [wisdom] is that archetypal world, after whose likeness this sensible world was made." Hugh of St. Victor

18 “The world-soul is a natural force which is responsible for all the phenomena of life and the psyche.” Guillaume de Conches (1080-1154), Platonist who taught in Paris

19 "The human psyche, like God, can intervene creatively in the physical and chemical processes of nature."

20 "Spirit, soul, and body are one, and all is of One." Zadith Senior (Zadith ben Hamuel), 'De chemia'

21 “God manifests in everything. He is present in everything and is the visible and the invisible.”

22 “All things are of one.” Senior, ‘De chemia’

23 "Alchemical symbols have the function of uniting the opposites."

24 “The Brethren of the Free Spirit taught that the human soul was of the substance of God.”

25 "The anima mundi [soul of the world] is the Holy Spirit, for through God's goodness and will, which is the Holy Spirit, lives everything that exists in the world." Honorius of Autun

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