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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "We are part of the Mind and the Will of God in which there is no separation. Nothing is outside of it." A Course in Miracles - A Gift For All Mankind (Tara Singh)

2 "All is God's will, not individual will." The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment (Amit Goswami, Ph.D.)

3 "God is irresistibly present to the will precisely as the ground of the will, precisely as the ultimate good that is always desired in any concrete act of the will." Introduction Thomas Aquinas, Spiritual Master (Robert Barron)

4 "All individual acts of the will rest upon, depend upon, the final and all-embracing desire for the good itself – which is none other than God." Introduction Thomas Aquinas, Spiritual Master (Robert Barron)

5 "Will-to-good has carried all creation on toward a greater glory and a steadily deepening, intelligent responsiveness." The Reappearance of the Christ (Alice A. Bailey)

6 "God's Will is the Will of the Good." The Kingdom of the Shining Ones (Flower A. Newhouse)

7 "The Will of God and His laws can be discovered in the characters of the great Book of Nature." Robert Fludd, Western Esoteric Masters Series (William Huffman, editor)

8 "The source of it all is the Divine Will." Laurentius Ventura Alchemy, The Art of Transformation (Jay Ramsay)

9 "I recognize and affirm that I am a center of pure self-consciousness. I am a center of will, capable of observing, directing, and using all my psychological processes." Roberto Assagioli, 'The Act of Will' Soul Centered Astrology, A Key to Your Expanding Self (Alan Oken)

10 "God's will is found in the chambers of the heart." Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of Your Sacred Self (Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D.)

11 "The Holy Spirit tends everything and rules over all the powers, whether tame or wild and running loose. For the Spirit is resolved to corral them, so that they cannot escape even if they wish." The Gospel of Philip The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus (Marvin Meyer)

12 "God has made good will the basis upon which our supernatural growth is founded. The pure heart, the right intention, are the organs of the higher life towards which all the soul's hopes are directed." Writings in Time of War (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

13 "The most perfect work of love, and the fulfillment of its activity, is to effect an exchange between those it joins together, which in some measure unites their distinctive characteristics and adapts their respective conditions to each other. Love makes man god, and reveals and manifests God as man, through the single and identical purpose and activity of the will of both." St. Maximos the Confessor, 'First Century of Various Texts' The Philokalia, volume 2 (various authors, compiled by St. Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain)

14 "Without you there would be a lack in God….for what God wills is whole, and part of Him because His Will is one." A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

15 "The will toward mystery has an urge to unite, to love and be loved, to enter into the mystery of self and other. To go past such duality to the One that lies beyond thought or thinker, to the heart of the unspeakable wholeness and delight that patiently awaits our inward arrival." Turning Toward the Mystery: A Seeker's Journey (Stephen Levine)

16 "The union of the separate Will with the one Will for the helping of the world is the goal which seems to be more worthy of reaching after than any the world can offer." Annie Besant, 'Study in Consciousness' The Seven Human Powers: Luminous Shadows of the Self (Shirley J. Nicholson)

17 "In each moment the will of God is present, if we can only allow ourselves to discern it." The Mystic Hours, A Daybook of Interspiritual Wisdom & Devotion (Wayne Teasdale)

18 "Everywhere the will of God reigns supreme." Behold the Spirit, A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion (Alan Watts)

19 "To do God's will you must attempt to see with his vision, know with his love, live with his life. It is as simple as that. It is not a complex pattern." The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation (The Findhorn Community)

20 "We (may) aim at a petty end quite aside from the public good, but our act arranges itself by irresistible magnetism in a line with the poles of the world." Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'Compensation' Karma, The Universal Law of Harmony (Virginia Hanson and Rosemarie Stewart, editors)

21 "The Great Spirit is the life that is in all things – all creatures and plants and even rocks and the minerals. All things – and I mean all things – have their own will and their own way and their own purpose." Rolling Thunder, Native American elder Spiritual Literacy, Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)

22 "The will of God is the measure of things." Ambrose (340-397), Bishop of Milan The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

23 "There is such a thing as the 'unconscious will' of the higher Self which tends always to bring the personality in line with the over-all purpose of the spiritual Self." Roberto Assagioli, contemporary author, 'Psychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques' The Quotable Spirit (Peter Lorie and Manuela D Mascetti, editors)

24 "It is not God's Will to be without you….The Will of God is without limit, and all power and glory lie within it. It is boundless in strength and in love and in peace. It has no boundaries because it created all things. By creating all things, it made them part of itself. You are the Will of God because that is how you were created." A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

25 "The will of the Creator, through which all things were made and received their first impulse, is the property of every living being." Isis Unveiled (Helena P. Blavatsky)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite